Ouija Board - Don't!
Although the Ouija board has been around for a long time and might seem innocent enough, there is significant risk to your well being. Some of the most respected psychics in the world will tell you that its not safe to practice inviting spirits or entities into your home if you don't know what you are doing. So why would you invite one into your mind and body?

Using a Ouija board is just that, an open invitation for energies of all sorts to enter your body, your mind, and control your actions in certain ways. Without some form of PRACTICED safeguards you leave yourself open to suggestion, control, and perhaps even possession. Sometimes the entity that may come through might not have your best interests at heart. If something bad comes through, do you know what to do? Can you protect yourself?

Its not the board itself that causes the spirits or entities to enter your home or your person, it you! Simply concentrating and inviting spirits in by thought alone can accomplish the same goals.

The Idaho Paranormal Society does not use or condone the use of any such devices. We discourage it.

Please consider all the ramifications of what you are about to do, before you do it. Its better to be safe than sorry.