TIPS Orb Information
If you are reading this article, chances are you have heard or seen something about orbs. If not, then I'm glad we are able to give you this information before you become tainted with all the misinformation there is about orbs on the internet.

First of all, orbs are a collection of energy or plasma that forms a small bubble like ball shape. This energy takes a round shape due to the attraction of like energy particles and since the geometric form with the least surface area for any given volume is always a sphere (in free space). It is unknown exactly what causes true orbs to form. It is believed by some that orbs are the collection of energies from a spirit or entity, which gives off enough visible light to be seen by the human eye. They are solid, self luminescent and usually in motion.

Most orbs you see in pictures are not real orbs at all. We would venture to say that 99% of the orb pictures readilly available through various paranormal web sites are caused by camera flash reflected off dust, smoke, or moisture particles floating in the air. The proximity of the flash to the lens has a lot to do with it. Real orbs are solid where the dust orbs may look hollow or perhaps take on a shape inside the sphere.

TIPS discounts all images with orbs unless they exhibit signs of self luminescense, motion and are solid.

For more information about orbs, visit the Ghost Gadgets web site HERE.

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