Investigaton Type
Twin Falls, Idaho
April 10th, 2006
Environmental Conditions
Solar Influence
Waxing Gibbous
Members Present
Rob Neff
At approximately 6pm Rob was approached by an individual who had noticed the TIPS sign on the back of one of our vehicles. She wished to discuss some concerns she had about a family member (Female, 15yrs).

This person described to Rob that the relative had been seeing spirits but recently the experiences have escalated to bodily injury, objects moving, and abrupt disturbances in the night. Aside from this relatives experiences, further inquiry into the background of this individual showed a history of this persons family seeing or experiencing paranormal phenomenon. Every location that these individuals resided presented similar experiences. In addition to human form apparitions, deceased animals have also been experienced. Given the family history and lack of location specific encounters (no matter where they went they saw things) leads us to lean toward inate ability to sense and see paranormal activity.

Rob suggested to this individual that it may be likely that the ability to sense these types of occurances may very well be genetic and a gift. He further explained that the activity surrounding the relative very well might be caused by poltergeist activity brought on due to the adolesent phase of this female's life, troubled upbringing and current mental stress. Rob related data concerning poltergiest activity having to do with this age group, sex and mental stress and suggested the relative seek a form of counseling to deal with any current upsetting situations or experiences. It has been shown that resolving the underlying causes of frustration and anxiety in females exhibiting Poltergiest type phenomenon helps to alleviate the symptoms and frequency. Rob also suggested that since it does appear to be genetic on the surface, the individual and the relative may have to come to terms with the fact that they may very well continue to see and hear spirits for the remainder of their lives here on Earth.

Rob also explained a few ways to try and control the presence of spirits and how they relate to them. Some individuals who have the ability to communicate with spirits give off a certain energy that can be seen from the other side. If we can imagine being in a darkened room and seeing a light-like energy we would naturally gravitate to the source of the light. In theory, spirits would do the same. Its not the fault of the individual for luring the spirits to them, they are drawn naturally. Rob suggested confrontation and specification of rules and exceptations by the individuals to the spirits as they come in contact with them. Talking to them and laying down some rules may help to quell unwanted activity.

Contact information was given and this individual may contact us again if need be.

Other details describing the background of the individuals will be kept confidential.