Investigaton Type
Pete's Tavern -Nampa, ID
Standard Investigation
April 8th, 2006
Environmental Conditions
Solar Influence
Waxing Gibbous
Overcast, dry 64/35 deg
Members Present
Wendy Wilson
Rob Neff
Caryn Neff
For background on Pete's Tavern, Click HERE.

Employed were 4 WS-100 Digital Audio Recorders, DVR with single infrared camera, Alpha Labs Natural EMF meter, Olympus E-500 digital SLR, Sony Night Shot DV camera.

This evening TIPS performed a standard investigation of the cave, basement, and main section of Pete's Tavern. Starting at 11:45pm MST, audio recorders were placed in their respective positions and started. EMF meter was left static behind the bar in the SUM setting. Temperature mean of the cave area was 65 degrees F. Relative humidity in the cave area stayed steady at 39. Photographs of the interior were made. One image showed abnormality. A shadow was produced across the image subject by an unknown source. Camera was mounted on a tri-pod and camera strap was behind the camera. Strap attachment to the camera itself is located below the flash which is approximately 2 inches above the lens. Rob was taking the photographs at the time and verified there were no obstructions to the camera.

Touching was experienced by Jeannette and Wendy in the form of hair movement and light touches to the arm. Rob experienced hearing his name repeatedly but mostly when leaving the cave area. Rob also experienced calling from the bar in the cave when seated at a table during ghost watch. Cold spots were felt to come and go while seated at both the bar and two of the tables in the cave area. Anxious feelings and physical awareness coincided with the cold sensations.

The telephone rang three times and was not answered. Call log on the phone showed no missed calls and the answering machine did not pick up. Verification of phone operation is necessary before considering this as evidence.

Natural Field EMF meter registered no unusual activity.

The investigation ended at 3:45am MST.

Audio and Video evidence is currently being reviewed.

To learn about EVP and how TIPS handles them, please click on the TIPS EVP Theory link located on the left side under the investigation dates.

Olympus E-500 8mp SLR
Cave area, Pete's tavern
Image was taken with Olympus E-500 camera mounted on a tri-pod. Flash is built in, 2 inches above lens. Rob was operating the camera. Camera strap was behind camera and tri-pod.
Photo Anomaly
TIPS logo was imposed on this image and has been edited for this purpose. For original image contact us. Original images are in TIFF formal and are 26Megs in size.
Digital Audio Recorder #1
Cave bar, right of pair.
File Name - Link:
petes 4-08-06 R1 F1 4.04 'boots'.WMA 4 mins after investigation started, male voice says "Boots!" very loud.
petes 4-08-06 R1 F1 28.19 'help me'.WMA Young female whispers "help me"
petes 4-08-06 R1 F1 31.41 'im right here'.WMA Whisper says "I'm Right Here"
petes 4-08-06 R1 F1 45.57 female voice.WMA Female voice says what sounds like "I don't see you anymore"
petes 4-08-06 R1 F1 48.16 'rob' with response.WMA Female voice calla Rob's name just after he left the cave, he hears it and responds.
petes 4-08-06 R1 F1 59.47 'I don't want to'.WMA Spirits were asked to knock on the bar for us, we were told "I don't want to".
petes 4-08-06 R1 F1 1.01.38 'help me'.WMA Another voice whispering "Help Me"
petes 4-08-06 R1 F1 1.03.25 'i gotcha'.WMA Rob says "Oh, I gotcha" and is immediately repeaded by a female voice.
petes 4-08-06 R1 F1 1.08.33 'hey mom'.WMA "Hey Mom" is whispered and Nettie hears it.
petes 4-08-06 R1 F1 1.13.52 'call'.WMA The cord "Call" can be heard in between Wendy talking.
petes 4-08-06 R1 F1 1.21.36 'on no'.WMA We asked if we were wanted to go sit in the far booth and "Oh No" is heard in response.
petes 4-08-06 R1 F1 1.22.21 'thats nothing'.WMA We heard a noise in the back booth and Wendy asks if they want us to go back there. "Thats nothing" can be heard.
petes 4-08-06 R1 F1 1.43.45 'noooooo'.WMA We sit down at a table instead of the bar and "Nooooo!" can be heard.
petes 4-08-06 R1 F1 1.44.05 'howdy'.WMA Female voice whispers "Howdy".
petes 4-08-06 R1 F1 1.46.09 'the bad girls'.WMA A discussion of another group was in progress when a female chimes in and says "The bad girls"
petes 4-08-06 R1 F1 2.00.03 'what'.WMA Wendy and Nettie are commenting on a reflection of red lights off Caryn's glasses, "what" can be heard whispered.
petes 4-08-06 R1 F1 2.01.30 'get siegle im siegle'.WMA I ask the spirits why they keep trying to get my attention, that there must be a reason and immediatly after that statement two voices can be heard, one female and one male. Female says what sounds like 'Get single' and the male says 'I'm single..'
petes 4-08-06 R1 F1 2.02.39 ''oh rob'.WMA Another female whispers "oh Rob" and Rob responds but did not hear what they were saying.
petes 4-08-06 R1 F1 2.04.22 ''at the bar'.WMA Rob asks where the spirits want him to sit and the response sounds like "At the bar".
petes 4-08-06 R1 F1 2.09.42 'sit back in there'.WMA Rob finaly sits back at the bar and he is told to 'Sit back in there" and then his name can be heard again.
petes 4-08-06 R1 F1 2.13.21 'very good job'.WMA Sounds like a male voice saying "very good job"
petes 4-08-06 R1 F1 2.15.09 'you nudge'.WMA Female voice saying "You nudge", "Imagine", or "Emma Jean". We're not sure.
petes 4-08-06 R1 F1 2.16.13 'larry'.WMA Male voice calling for someoe named "Larry".
petes 4-08-06 R1 F1 2.17.44 'dumbshits afraid'.WMA I don;t know who they are talking about but a female voice says what sounds like "Dumbshit's afraid".
petes 4-08-06 R1 F1 2.21.15 'hurry up'.WMA Very faint female voice whispers "Hurry up".
petes 4-08-06 R1 F1 2.29.03 'you want to'.WMA Female voice says "You want to"
petes 4-08-06 R1 F1 2.35.27 'rob'.WMA Very airy sounding female voice says what sounds like "Rob"
petes 4-08-06 R1 F1 2.55.50 'come on in here'.WMA We had all left to Cave area to take a break in the front of the establish ment. As soon as we did that a female voice whispers "Come in here"
petes 4-08-06 R1 F1 2.56.43 'thats good'.WMA Male voice whispers "Thats good"
petes 4-08-06 R1 F1 3.02.35 'here'.WMA Voice says the word "Here".
petes 4-08-06 R1 F1 3.07.01 'rob'.WMA Spirits start calling my name while we are on break. Male whispers "Rob".
petes 4-08-06 R1 F1 3.10.39 'death'.WMA Male voice says "Death".
petes 4-08-06 R1 F1 3.13.33 'rob'.WMA Male voice says "Rob"
petes 4-08-06 R1 F1 3.13.42 'rob'.WMA Female voice calls "Rob"
petes 4-08-06 R1 F1 3.14.59 'rob'.WMA Male voice again calls "Rob"
petes 4-08-06 R1 F1 3.15.00 ''hes gone for what smoke'.WMA This EVP is the best I have recorded to far. Female spirit says to male spirit just after the last time he had called my name "He's gone", and the male spirit says "For What?" and then the female spirit says "Smoke". This is significant in that I had indeed for to the very front of the establishement for a smoke break.
petes 4-08-06 R1 F1 3.36.08 'rob'.WMA Another faint "Rob"
petes 4-08-06 R1 F1 3.40.55 'not fair'.WMA Female with southern accent says "Not Fair".
petes 4-08-06 R1 F1 3.47.34 'we love him'.WMA Male voice says "We love him"
petes 4-08-06 R1 F1 3.48.40 'hes got somethin'.WMA Female voice says what sounds like "he's got somethin" or "He's gonna bump it".