Investigaton Type
Pete's Tavern -Nampa, ID
Standard Ghost Watch
April 1st, 2006
Environmental Conditions
Solar Influence
Waxing Cresent
Overcast, rain 49/38 deg
Members Present
Wendy Wilson
Rob Neff
For background on Pete's Tavern, Click HERE.

Employed were 3 WS-100 Digital Audio Recorders.

This night the cave area was unusually warm 65 degrees F.

Experienced this night was a new male groaning sound from the cooler door area as well as movement and noise from a padlock on the cellar door. Upon inspection neither the door nor the doorjam were moving or shaking, only the padlock itself was tapping against the lock hasp. This phenomenon continued until Rob touched the lock to silence it and see if it would resume motion. It did not resume.

Digital Audio files have been reviewed. Many good EVPs this night including a few that were very loud and clear. Male groaning voice could not be heard on the audio. A noise of some sort was there at the time Rob heard the male voice but it was not the same. Evidence follows.

For more info about how we do EVPs and our thoughts behind it, click HERE.

Digital Audio Recorder #1
Cave area, Bar, left
File Name:
Pete's 4-1-06 R1 F1 0.16.0 child.WMA The voice of a child can be heard at the very beginning of this audio file. Keep in mind that no children were in this building at the time and it is agaist the law for minors to be in this establishment at all times.
Pete's 4-1-06 R1 F1 2.42 'mousay'.WMA Very loud female voice. I thought it was Wendy at first but its not. Sounds like it might be saying 'Me see' or perhaps 'Lucy'.
Pete's 4-1-06 R1 F1 3.54 'thank you'.WMA Rob mentions out loud that the Brittish accented femal voice sounded cute, a second later you hear a thank you.
Pete's 4-1-06 R1 F1 5.28.0 'fine'.WMA Wendy explains to the spirits in the back that we cannot see them and she gets a response.
Pete's 4-1-06 R1 F1 7.21.5 'how'.WMA Random word.
Pete's 4-1-06 R1 F1 9.32.00 'healor'.WMA Rob is describing the theory of sprit healers to Wendy and after she states she doesn't buy it, this voice chimes in. Not quite sure what its saying.
Pete's 4-1-06 R1 F1 10.00.00 female whisper.WMA A female voice whispering. Unknown.
Pete's 4-1-06 R1 F1 12.30.00 'yeah'.WMA Wendy tells the spirits in the room to try and let us know they are there and gets this response.
Pete's 4-1-06 R1 F1 12.50.00 'rob'.WMA A voice calling Rob's name.
Pete's 4-1-06 R1 F1 12.55.00.WMA Almost sounds like the Brittish accented female again. Not sure if she is calling Robert again or not.
Pete's 4-1-06 R1 F1 29.30 'exactly'.WMA Random word.
Pete's 4-1-06 R1 F1 36.05 chinese.WMA This might be our first Chinese EVP. There are rumors of "Chinese tunnels" that run under some of the building in downtown Nampa. Wish I could get this translated.
Pete's 4-1-06 R1 F1 1.00.42 'why dont you go back'.WMA Wendy and Rob move from the bar to the booth and shortly afterward this is heard.
Pete's 4-1-06 R1 F1 1.00.53 'get down'.WMA Random phrase.
Pete's 4-1-06 R1 F1 1.21.09 'here come here'.WMA Random phrase? Are they wanting us back to the bar or are they wanting to be known?
Pete's 4-1-06 R1 F1 1.37.51 'outside punk'.WMA Not sure if this says what I think it says or not. Sounds like "Outside Punk" and she doesn't sound happy.
Pete's 4-1-06 R1 F1 1.49.26 'rob'.WMA Another voice calling Rob's name.
Pete's 4-1-06 R1 F1 1.53.55 'very good'.WMA Not sure if this says very good or if this too is another foreign language EVP. The inflection is wrong for english context.
Pete's 4-1-06 R1 F1 1.58.57 'no'.WMA Random word.
Pete's 4-1-06 R1 F1 2.19.35 unknown.WMA Sounds like a voice saying Rob and then TIPS. Not sure.
Pete's 4-1-06 R1 F1 2.20.22 unknown.WMA Male voice whispering. Unknown content.
Pete's 4-1-06 R1 F1 2.28.30 unknown.WMA Male voice whispering, Unknown content.