Investigaton Type
Pete's Tavern -Nampa, ID
Standard Ghost Watch
March 11th, 2006
Environmental Conditions
Solar Influence
Waxing Cresent
Overcast, rain 49/38 deg
Members Present
Wendy Wilson
Rob Neff
For background on Pete's Tavern, Click HERE.

Employed were 4 WS-100 Digital Audio Recorders, Sony Night-Shot Mini-DV, Olympus E500 Digital SLR.

Mean temperature of the cave area was 51 degrees F, RH steady at 49%.

Wendy, Heather and Rob performed a standard ghost watch with the addition of the Mini-DV and the SLR.

This night seemed rather quiet. The atmosphere was calm, yet cold as usual. Typical non-directional noises heard, no specificity. Some tapping on the bar occurred but was infrequent compared to other days. EVP questions asked. Pictures taken of surroundings for website. Initial audio review yielded many EVPs.

A scan of the bar surface with a flashlight about 2 hours into the ghost watch revealed the word "Hi" written in the dust. At first we were excited to see something written on the bar top but later analysis proved that the writing must have been there prior to us ariving. Upon discussion of this finding with another team member we found that they remember seeing the word written there a few weeks prior. Mistaken or not, in all due dilligence we must discount the writing on the bar top altogether. Thats just the way it goes.

The cave area is fed music from the juke box in the front of the bar and is attenuated (turned up or down) by a control box located behind the padlocked door to the basement. At one point in the ghost watch the speakers in the cave area that had been previously turned off suddenly came on. Tapping on the wall near the side of the door to the basement where the potentiometer for the speaker control is located resulted in the speaker volume decreasing. The knob for turning the volume down in the back is very dirty and the slightest movement will cause sporadic output to the speakers. Rob verified this behavior and discounted the speakers coming on as merely coincidental.

A small ink pen was placed on the bar counter along with some paper in hopes that something might take advantage of the tools and write something for us. Although there was nothing on the paper, the pen had mysteriously been set on its clip sometime shortly after it was placed on the bar. It was originally set on its side, not on the clip. Insignificant yes, but worth noting.

Review of Mini DV tape revealed that some of the same EVP's caught on the Digital Audio recorders was also heard on the Mini DV audio. There was also a loud tapping noise made on the Mini DV recorder shortly before the tape ran out. It sounded like someone flicking it with a finger. The video did not jump but Wendy is heard on tape saying she heard noises coming from over by the Mini DV camera.

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Digital Audio Recorder #1
Cave, bar top, center
Heather's Name Whispered
Spirit Agreeing with Heather "Yeah"
Unknown response to Wendy
Weak Female voice "Go to the bathroom"
Male voice "On Purpose" Listen right after Heather says "it's just getting..."
Noise sounding like "puhhh"
Spirit saying "Nobody" when Heather was mentioning bringing someone back with us.
Female spirit yells a bad word
Spirit says "Okay" after Rob explains why he's wearing headphones
Female spirit says "yeah" as if agreeing with Heather that its good the owner of the bar is the only one with a key to the basement
Spirit says Rob's name, and Rob responds
Weak Female voice says "don't hurt me"
Spirit says Rob's name
Says it again
Female voice saying "Robert"