Investigaton Type
Pete's Tavern -Nampa, ID
Standard Ghost Watch
February 27th, 2006
Environmental Conditions
Solar Influence
Waning Crescent
Overcast, rain 42/25 deg
Members Present
Rob Neff
For background on Pete's Tavern, Click HERE.

Employed was 1 WS-100 Digital Audio Recorder.

Team member Rob was in town for work reasons. Pictures were to be taken of Pete's Tavern for the web site as well as for general hunting purposes.

He arrived at approximately 10pm. The main part of the bar was empty with the exception of Gary, KC and one patron.

At about 11pm, Rob decided to go back into the cave by himself and an audio recorder to see if he could capture anything on audio.

In the Cave area there is a storage cooler in the very back that has a very loud compressor motor. When the comressor kicks on it makes listening to the audio files almost impossible. Rob decided to stay in the back area only until the cooler compressor kicked on.

Digital Audio Recorder #1
Cave Area, bar corner.
File Name:
Petes 2-27-06 Elvir dont you remember.WMA A few minutes before this EVP was spoken, Rob had asked the spirit in the room to tell him his name. I believe the spirit is saying 'Always remember' not 'don't you'.
Petes 2-27-06 Hey allright man, go.WMA The cooler compressor kicks in and Rob is about to leave. He announces to the spirit in the room that he is leaving and hopefully everything the spirit wanted to say was on the recorder, to which the spirit says "Hey alright man, go.."