Investigaton Type
Pete's Tavern -Nampa, ID
Standard Ghost Watch
February 18th, 2006
Environmental Conditions
Solar Influence
Waning Gibbous
Clear, 42/25 deg
Members Present
Wendy Wilson
Rob Neff
Rick Benge
For background on Pete's Tavern, Click HERE.

Employed was 1 WS-100 Digital Audio Recorder.

Temperature and RH was not monitored this night.

This night, TIPS team members performed a standard ghost watch in the cave area of Pete's tavern during normal business hours. The watch went from 10pm to 2am. A single audio recorder was used and was brought along from table to table as we sat in various places trying to entice somthing to speak with us.

Along with us this night was Jeannette's son Jimmy. Jimmy was in the cave area with us for a while this night but was chased out of the room by some shadow he kept seeing behind the bar. According to Jimmy, it kept popping its head up over the bar like a child stnading on his/her toes to see over the top. This was enough to force Jimmy to leave the cave and he did not re-enter untill the ghost watch was over and the lights came back on.

Reviewing the audio evidence revealed a few EVPs.

To get an idea of how TIPS does their EVPs and our Theory behind it, please click HERE.

Digital Audio Recorder #1
Cave Area, bar corner.
File Name:
Pete's 2-18-06 EVP 1 'no'.WMA Rick asked a spirit if it liked a particilar music singer, a female voice says "no".
Pete's 2-18-06 EVP 2 'NO thanks faggot'.WMA Rick is seated at the bar with the recorder. Male spirit says this comment.
Pete's 2-18-06 EVP 3 'Don't cha'.WMA
Pete's 2-18-06 EVP 4 'I need somebody'.WMA Rick was seated at the bar with the recorder. Female spirit says "I need sombody"
Pete's 2-18-06 EVP 5 'smoke always stinks'.WMA Rob is seated at a booth with the recorder, Sprit says that smoke always stinks.
Pete's 2-18-06 EVP 6 'nothing'.WMA
Pete's 2-18-06 EVP 7 'you wanna kiss the girl'.WMA Male spirit says this to Rob after the female team member he was seated with gets up to check on the others.
Pete's 2-18-06 EVP 8 'whats the matter'.WMA
Pete's 2-18-06 EVP 9 'whats the hell happened to you'.WMA Rob hears the accented female voice again and recites what she says word for word.
Pete's 2-18-06 EVP 11 'who passed'.WMA