Investigation Type
Eastern Oregon
Ghost Watch
April 22nd, 2006
Environmental Conditions
Solar Influence
Waning Crescent
Clear 60/45
Members Present
Wendy Wilson
Rob Neff
Jr. Member Robby
This is a follow up Ghost Watch in response to finding evidence on the data provided by the ghost kit left on 3/19/2006 with this client in Eastern Oregon. To review the status so far, please read the investigation notes FOUND HERE from this date before proceeding.

Contact with the client was made at approximately 6pm to discuss the findings of the Ghost Kit as well as discuss the idea of possible performing a Ghost Watch on site late on that evening. The client was agreeable to this so we scheduled to come back at 9pm PST.

At 9pm PST TIPS arrived on site. Weather was clear with light winds. Outside temperature was 50 degrees F.

Equipment utilized this night was 2 WS-100 digital audio recorders, two digital cameras, NC IR thermometer, STD AC EMF.

There are two rooms of interest at this site which were pointed out by the presence of EVP on the digital audio recorders left with the ghost kit. Room one being a small room on the top floor of this 3 story, single family home, the second in the basement. One digital audio recorder was left static in the basement where many EVPs were collected and the second recorder was taken around with the investigators as they made their rounds.

Room 1 consists of a bedroom on the second floor on the North side of the building. In this room there are two vents in the floor on the south side, one double paned window on the north wall and large closet on the east wall. No lighting fixtures present, carpeted floor with the exception of the closet. In this room it was noted that crackling from the wood stove on the main floor (one floor down) was plainly audible in this room which will account for many of the pops and cracking noises heard on the 3/19/2006 audio. Discounting those noises we still needed to see if voices were still able to be heard in this room with investigators present and to see if they respond to questioning and conversation. The audio from this room has been reviewed so far and a few EVPs were present. A few of the EVPs responded to questions directly and a few others responded to conversation indirectly. This hints at intelligent EVP.

Room 2 consists of a large basement area, unfinished wall, small bathroom, laundry room and heather/duct work. It was in this area that the vast majority of EVPs were collected from 3/19/2006. Mean temperature of this room was 47 degrees F. The floors are 3/4 inch plywood which are not mated together except by proximity, and nailed to common points along the support structure. This allowed the different plywood sections to move independently of one another when pressure was placed on them causing them to crack and pop as edges rubbed together. Sometimes the release of pressure resulting in a pop or thumping noise was delayed several minutes. This could account for some of the louder noises heard on the 3/19/2006 audio from this area. The metal can sounding noises heard in this area were proved to be a vent/duct in the heating area that would open and close depending on air pressure inside the structure. Wind noises could be heard in this vent each time it opened and closed. This proves the metal can noises were naturally caused. Audio from the static recorder in this area has yet to be reviewed. Please check back soon.

Picture evidence has been reviewed and nothing abnormal was noted. Several dust orbs were present but discounted as such, of course. Cameras used this night were low-end ~3 megapixel CCDs. We will post some pictures of the structure after all the audio evidence has been reviewed.

To learn about EVP and how TIPS handles them, please click on the TIPS EVP Theory link located on the left side under the investigation dates.

The audio file has been partially reviewed.