Investigaton Type
Eastern Oregon
Ghost Kit
March 19th, 2006
Environmental Conditions
Solar Influence
Waxing Gibbous
Clear 60/35
Members Present
Wendy Wilson
Rob Neff
Caryn Neff
A follow up investigation to this Ghost Kit was perfromed on 4-22-06. Click HERE after reading this Ghost Kit report.

TIPS was asked to evaluate a private residence due to concerns that there might still be spirits inhabiting the premisses even after a 'clearing' performed by another 'group'.

TIPS chose to use the ghost kit method for evaluating this house. Audio recorders, record sheet and instructions were left with the owner. The recorders were to be turned on and placed in three areas just before he was to retire for the night. No TIPS members were present during the recorders operation.

Employed were 3 WS-100 Digital Audio Recorders.

Upon review of the evidence we find significant reason to believe there is still a lot of activity at this residence. Many EVPs were captured mainly in the first and second room but not very many in the last. The second room and second recorder caught the majority of voices. Also heard on the second recorder were various shuffling and moving noises along with lound thumps and cracks. We have suggested to the client that rodent traps be used in this are to help rule out infestation. These noises are consistent with nocturnal rodent activity.

It is the opinion of TIPS that this residence attracts spirits for some reason. Consulting with one of our associates gave us cause to believe that some energy or convergence of energies seems to draw entities in and needs to be "healed" not unlike healing a person. We will consult her again for possible cure or remedies for this problem.

To learn about EVP and how TIPS handles them, please click on the TIPS EVP Theory link located on the left side under the investigation dates.

Digital Audio Recorder #1
Top floor, room 1.
File Name - Link:
oregon 3-19-2006 R1 F1 6.41.5 'i feel bad'.WMA
oregon 3-19-2006 R1 F1 7.42.0 'no fear'.WMA
oregon 3-19-2006 R1 F1 7.56.5 'stroke'.WMA
oregon 3-19-2006 R1 F1 11.15.5 'my secret'.WMA
oregon 3-19-2006 R1 F1 31.30 'hey'.WMA
oregon 3-19-2006 R1 F1 40.14 'ignore me'.WMA
oregon 3-19-2006 R1 F1 44.58 'example'.WMA
oregon 3-19-2006 R1 F1 1.05.25 'pussy cat'.WMA
oregon 3-19-2006 R1 F1 1.11.18 'xx don't do that'.WMA
oregon 3-19-2006 R1 F1 1.31.32 'have something to say'.WMA
oregon 3-19-2006 R1 F1 1.31.38 'like a bird'.WMA
oregon 3-19-2006 R1 F1 1.35.22 'i don't belong here'.WMA
oregon 3-19-2006 R1 F1 1.48.24 'james keeps playing with the audio'.WMA
oregon 3-19-2006 R1 F1 1.51.14 'exstacy'.WMA
oregon 3-19-2006 R1 F1 2.11.08 'Callme 875-7743'.WMA
Digital Audio Recorder #2
oregon 3-19-2006 R2 F1 24.54 whisper.WMA
oregon 3-19-2006 R2 F1 42.20 'tell'em about the'.WMA
oregon 3-19-2006 R2 F1 48.01 'johnny'.WMA
oregon 3-19-2006 R2 F1 53.28 'uh oh'.WMA
oregon 3-19-2006 R2 F1 55.05 'something'.WMA
oregon 3-19-2006 R2 F1 1.15.07 'I warned you'.WMA
oregon 3-19-2006 R2 F1 1.18.39 'myrtle'.WMA
oregon 3-19-2006 R2 F1 1.20.10 'its glowing'.WMA
oregon 3-19-2006 R2 F1 1.20.59 'get off there'.WMA
oregon 3-19-2006 R2 F1 1.21.03 'you sir'.WMA
oregon 3-19-2006 R2 F1 1.37.43 'oh shit'.WMA
oregon 3-19-2006 R2 F1 1.49.32 'james whats up'.WMA
oregon 3-19-2006 R2 F1 2.03.25 'whos in here'.WMA
oregon 3-19-2006 R2 F1 3.24.35 'im a regular'.WMA
oregon 3-19-2006 R2 F1 3.24.50 'the red crystal gone'.WMA
oregon 3-19-2006 R2 F1 3.25.25 'lou'.WMA
oregon 3-19-2006 R2 F1 3.25.41 'sounds good'.WMA
oregon 3-19-2006 R2 F1 4.14.42 'stop it'.WMA
Digital Audio Recorder #3
Sub-basement, workshot
oregon 3-19-2006 R3 F1 50.01 'theyll never hear this'.WMA
oregon 3-19-2006 R3 F1 53.41 '666'.WMA