The Idaho Paranormal Society Investigations
Welcome to the TIPSĀ Investigations page.

TIPS performs a wide range of investigation procedures all depending upon the need of the client, the area in question or the phenomenon encountered. Since we are not a 'hit it and quit it" paranormal research group like some others, you may see multiple investigations or ghost watches for the same location in a relatively short period of time. This is due to the necessity to research and explore verifiable and recurring paranormal activity. At TIPS we are researchers with a drive to understand all we can about the other side and ghostly happenings. Given the opportunity to do ongoing research enables us to employ different methods and techniques to gather evidence, entice manifestation, communicate and understand.

I hope the information contained in these investigation reports is both edifying and practical.

If you have any questions or concerns, please email them to and specify the investigation location and date please.

All evidence presented on these pages is for the edification and critique of others. All EVP's, photos and other data provided should be considered in context with other evidence provded from each location. Since the origin of the voices and noises captured and diplayed here in our EVPs have no known origin they are cropped and cleaned and presented as possible evidence.

All original and unmodified audio files and pictures are available to interested and reputable paranormal research groups upon request. We have nothing to hide.

Also keep in mind that all content on this site including EVPs, stories, and any data is the sole intellectual property of The Idaho Paranormal Society. Data provided on this site is for educational purposes only. You may not copy or distribute this data with out written permission from TIPS. We are very liberal with respect to your use of our data but we like to know where its going and for what reason.