About The Idaho Paranormal Society

The Idaho Paranormal Society consists of a group of like-minded individuals who volunteer their time in an effort to research and investigate terrestrial paranormal phenomenon and help educate and comfort those affected by it.

TIPS is a scientifically oriented investigative team. We use many different types of equipment in our endeavors, all geared toward detecting and capturing evidence of paranormal activity. We gather as much data about each phenomenon as possible to help better understand that which we currently do not understand. 

Our investigations are free of charge, professionaly executed and confidential. We pride ourselves on being thoughtful and curteous to the client at all times, meeting and exceeding their every need before, during and after the investigation. We are a resource for our clients to consult when needed and a source of compassion and understanding when they need us most.

TIPS members safety is a great concern of ours. Fumbling around in the dark in unfamiliar places can be hazardous. As such, TIPS members investigate in pairs. Not only is this good for safety, but is also good policy for evidence gathering! During an investigation, each TIPS member partners with another for the entire evening. Any evidence encountered is cooberated by each other. Data collection tools and note taking are done by the same members for the duration of the investigation to prevent apple & oranges data collection. Consistency counts! We also employ hazard maps, chem lights and other hazard avoidance equipment to help keep us all safe.

All TIPS investigations are run as blind studies. Only the lead investigator(s) for that particular investigation are privy to the specifics of the case. Team members are only told where to look for activity, not the kind. This promotes objectivity which is very valuable. Any evidence gathered that later matches client stories can be considered evidence. If they knew what to expect, you cannot claim it as such. The human mind can play tricks on you, and if we tell you what to look for you may either imagine it or spend your time concentrating only on the type of activity implied. We want all team members to be open for anything. Objectivity, objectivity, objectivity!

TIPS evidence is gathered at a central point prior to ending the investigation. This facilitates data integrity. To further protect valuable evidence, TIPS uses multiple teams consisting of at least two members each. Each team is not allowed to discuss findings with other teams until the evidence and data is turned in. This prevents contamination of notes by last minute "oh yeah, I felt that too" additions. We can't rely on evidence that has been modified after the fact. Integrity, integrity, integrity!

TIPS investigations are kept confidential to the general public unless given permission by the client or owner. This does not mean that we do not share information or data with other groups however. We are in this field to understand and learn about the paranormal, not hoard our data and proceedures and hope we're better than everyone else. We desire and welcome coleague input and evaluation of our evidence and investigations as well as value the lessons to be learned from the experiences and data of others. We have to work together in this field people or we will go nowhere! All client specific information such as names, addresses and contact information will be kept private even from other groups (unless we are working together) . Photos, EVPs and other forms of media can and will be shared with other legitimate PI groups, but never with the general public unless given consent to do so.

The following section details our members and current equipment inventory.

TIPS Equipment
JPG2000 4ch DVR system - 250g HD, 14" LCD, Internet capable

Sony High-End 50 LED Infrared CCD Cameras

Sony Mini DV w/Super Night Shot

3 x Olympus WS-100 (64 Meg) & 1 x WS-200 (128 Meg) Digital Audio Recorders

AlphaLabs Natural Field EMF Meter

Standard AC Field EMF Meter

2 x Infrared Non-Contact Thermometers

Olympus E-500 8 Megapixel Digital SLR Camera

Wireless Weather station with remote sensor (Time, Rh, Temp)

2 x Laptops for data collection and analysis

Logitech Webcam for remove veiwing.

Sprint Air-card for wireless internet connectivity, anywhere.

Adobe Audtition for EVP work

BIAS Sound Soap for EVP work

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